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Mudita is a Sanskrit word which doesn't exist in any English dictionary. The aim of this company is to change that with an amazing mix of services, products and exposure, not just for us but for everyone. All services being customer, not profit, focused and all products meant to give, bring, express, or facilitate joy. We want to reach out and put mudita in everybody's vocabulary. We can not, by definition, do this alone - so we hope that you are here to watch us grow and spread our word.
Mudita Media is our digital and social media marketing and advertising arm. Dedicated to helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and Startups. Mudita Media adopts a do as we do philosophy allowing clients and casual observers alike to better connect with their customer base.
Starting with the Friendly IT brand we plan to bring a multitude of customer first, profits second services to the masses. helping clients on the front end and helping communities on the back end.
Mudita MSP's main line of products has the simple goal of helping to bring or insight joy and other positive feelings in those that buy and use them, this along with other branding initiatives focusing on more defined niches making the world a happier place.


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